Sun Salutations A & B with 10 Minute Mini Flow

In this Surya Namaska (aka Sun Salutations) yoga tutorial I’ll be breaking down the A & B variations. It’s possibly the most common sequence practised in yoga world wide. The postures in the sequence are also super popular stand alone postures so it’s always good to break them down as you’ll be sure to bust them out time and time again in the studio.

I’ll go through each move of the sequence and place emphasis on the breath as it’s easy to lose the breath pattern here.

After around 10 minutes into the video we switch over from tutorial mode, to flow mode 😎. I’ll instruct a continuous flow of 3 x A and 3 x B flows, similar to what you’d practice in an Ashtanga or Vinyasa class. We can get the heart racing, blood pumping and Ujjayi breath going.

In this tutorial we’ll cover:
00:00 Introduction
00:51 Posture Breakdown
05:00 Ujjayi Breath Breakdown
10:36 3xA variation and 3xB variation flows with Modifications

Tutorial, Vinyasa
10 minutes
Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
No Props Required

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