Part 1: Let in the Light (Yoga Warmup, Slow Flow) – Spring into Spring Yoga Series

Welcome to this mini yoga series – Spring into Spring. I have designed this series to be broken up into 3 parts of a full 90 minute Vinyasa flow. Each section embraces something different and is designed to help spark fresh energy and intentions for the new season. 3 days to come to your mat, move your body, breathe and sink into a calm mindset. Start as you mean to go on.

In part 1 of this series we’ll take our time as we ease into the flow by mobilising the spine and establishing our breath. This is such an important stage of our yoga practice as we step on the mat in our rawest form. Its a time to listen and check in with how we really feel, acknowledge what’s going on in your world and notice what effect it is having on your mind, body and breath. We have the power to choose how to react and what experience we will therefore have. Enjoy setting the foundations in this section to apply to the remaining 2 in the series.

30 minutes
Beginner, Intermediate
No Props Required
Focusing on Back, Hips

Want to wiggle to some music?

If you’re looking for some tunes to listen to while you wiggle, I’ve created a Spotify playlist just for this class.

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