Enter the Dragon (Deep Leg and Hip Stretch)

Sometimes we get into positions (on and off the mat) that are less comfortable and a little confronting. Yin yoga may expose us to these feelings. Rather than deflecting and declining the emotions, let this be a time to practice mindfulness as we breathe and move through the discomfort to come out the other side. This Dragon sequence is a great example of breathing through the discomfort to breakdown barriers.

Yin Yoga offers you the time and space to get deeper and further into the layers of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. It’s simple in form but still a practice to get there. Practice the art of slowing down, emptying the mind of unnecessary thoughts and sitting with what is.

Yin yoga flows are appropriate for all skill levels, from beginner through to advanced, so come one and come all – join me to wind down on the mat.

60 minutes
Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Props Required
Focusing on Hips, Legs

Want to wiggle to some music?

If you’re looking for some tunes to listen to while you wiggle, I’ve created a Spotify playlist just for this class.

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