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Comin' at you with some yoga livestream action​

I hold weekly hour long livestream Yin/Yang yoga classes. These are a great opportunity to flow with me live, and to ask me any questions about improving your practice.

Come join me.

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Looking for more Online Yoga?

King Pigeon (Day 2 – 30 in Vinyasa)
Welcome to Day 2 of my summertime yoga series Strength to Lengthen. In this session we tackle King Pigeon, another peak posture in yoga. For me this is a huge...


Super Slow Flow (40 Mins)
We’re going in deep with this 40 minute juicy slow vinyasa flow that will allow you to dive deeper into the sensation of each posture. We are so often running...


Yoga for Good Posture
Here’s a sweet little flow to help you build awareness of your posture. A lot of the time it’s the awareness that’s the missing piece of our posture puzzle. This...


Get Up and GO Vinyasa Flow
Jump into this short burst of yoga to help fuel your day. There’s nothing too strenuous in this flow but it’ll be sure to get your spine moving and lift...


Yin with Fin (Yoga for the Spine)
This is a short and sweet Yin practice for your Spine with a few appearances from Prince Fin the dog. In this class we’ll explore the full motion of the...


Using a Yoga Block Effectively
Yoga Stretch
Yoga props are there to help you find and experience the intended sensation of a yoga posture. They’re not there to make you feel like you can’t do the posture....


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