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Every month I hold livestream yoga classes. These are a great opportunity to flow with me live, and to ask me any questions about improving your practice.

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Looking for more Online Yoga?

Breathe (Yin for a troubled time)
I recorded this session in June 2020 when the world was riding the wave of not only a pandemic but a human rights issue that affected everyone in one way,...


Get to know Vinyasa Flow (Yoga for absolute Beginners)
I have created this beginners vinyasa flow class from a sequence of the most popular postures you’ll find in Vinyasa Flow. By familiarising yourself with these postures you can feel...


Side Crow Tutorial with Alice Trow Yoga
In this yoga tutorial I’ll break down the tricky little side arm balance called side crow (parsva bakasana), which once nailed is super fun and is a portal to so...


Twisted (30 Minute Beginners Flow)
Don’t get tangled up in your twists! In this 30 minute beginners vinyasa flow we’ll go through the fundamentals of twists, to help you find stability and expansion in twists,...


20 Minute Yoga for Runners (Post Run Stretch)
If you’re a runner (fresh to the curb or a long time pounder) and enjoy a yoga flow then this will be perfect for you. I’ve designed this 20 minute...


40 Minute Heart Opener
Get stuck into this 40 minute juicy heart opening vinyasa flow designed to build strength in your legs, improve stability in your backbends, and help you forge buns of steel...


Good Morning Spine! (15 min focus on the back)
Let’s get in to that spine of yours with a 15 minute morning yoga for your back! What an amazing piece of architecture the spine is, holding you up, supporting...


Sun Salutations A & B with 10 Minute Mini Flow
Tutorial, Vinyasa
In this Surya Namaska (aka Sun Salutations) yoga tutorial I’ll be breaking down the A & B variations. It’s possibly the most common sequence practised in yoga world wide. The...


25 Minute Powerful Vinyasa Flow
I call this a 25 minute “powerful vinyasa” and not a “power” class because the pace is slightly slower but still packs a punch. This flow is based off one...


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