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Here’s a sweet little flow to help you build awareness of your posture. A lot of the time it’s the awareness that’s the missing piece of our posture puzzle. This little flow will focus on opening up the chest/upper back region, spine stability and mobility, and includes some core strength...
Welcome to the 7 days of yoga! Dive into these 7 short flows which embody the spirit of the days of the week. We made it to the weekend! Saturday is a day for getting stuff done 💪 – or hangovers, in which case you might want to skip to...
If you’re a runner (fresh to the curb or a long time pounder) and enjoy a yoga flow then this will be perfect for you. I’ve designed this 20 minute class as a post run (recovery) stretch for the hips and legs, with an element of vinyasa flow to it...
Get stuck into this 40 minute juicy heart opening vinyasa flow designed to build strength in your legs, improve stability in your backbends, and help you forge buns of steel 🍑😉 We’ll also focus on mobilising the shoulders in this flow, to put the ‘open’ in heart openers. Let’s get...
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Latest Retreats

Why not (re)treat yourself...
22nd July 2022
 to 24th July 2022
West Lexham, King's Lynn PE32 2QN
Immerse yourself in this little East Anglican escape with myself and the wonderful Corrie McCallum. Let us guide you through numerous powerful yoga practices from morning vinyasa to evening yin where we will weave in what we do best. Our passion is intuitive movement and helping you feel your most empowered. Retreats can offer the time and space to find...
16th October 2022
 to 23rd October 2022
Grand Hotel Minareto, Sicily, Italy
We’ll be hosting our yoga retreat in Italy on the wonderful island of Sicily, near the charming town of Siracusa. One of the most beautiful towns in Italy, Siracusa has lovely squares and outdoor markets, a stunning coast, seaview terraces and delicious restaurants. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – fresh local food, a leisurely...
29th May 2022
 to 3rd June 2022
Perpignan, Southern France
Invest in 5 days of self-care and well-being by joining us in the tranquil surrounds of Perpignan in Southern France. Treat yourself to dedicated space and time for transformation. We will help you ignite the power within, to find balance, nourishment, and peaceful relaxation. You will be invigorated and leave with a sense of tranquility, to take back to your...

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