Hello lovely people

Firstly I want to start by sending you my love. Tensions are super high right now and in general this can be a tricky time for so many of us. I hope you’re finding time and ways to cope, laugh and clear your minds. 

I thought I’d send an end of year email out with my updates and what I plan on doing with my online offerings. There’s also details of our amended South of France yoga retreat dates!..

Pausing the Membership Program

Pausing My Membership For over a year now we have produced weekly or bi-weekly videos to my on-demand library as well as my YouTube channel. There are now 96 videos and counting out there of me busting a move for your entertainment at anytime.

I cannot thank those of you enough who are still members, been members or have flowed with me in some way, shape or form. It’s been a joy to flow with you.

Having said that, I’d like to take a different approach to producing online content in 2022. What I’ve found over the past couple of years is that producing weekly or fortnightly content is not only hard work, it also gets in the way of living life. I’ve also found it almost impossible to work on big projects that require a lot of my time and creativity, like hosting yoga retreats, producing online yoga series, and pursuing my own yoga education.

So my plan for 2022 is to focus on holding more amazing yoga retreats, building upon my recent pre/post natal yoga certification, and to produce online yoga series at my own pace as life permits.

From this weekend I’ll be stopping the Alice Trow Yoga membership program.For those of you that are still signed up as paying members, you will continue to have full access to my past online videos indefinitely.

As I’ve mentioned, this doesn’t mean that I’ll stop producing yoga content entirely. I just plan to release my content on a pay per class / series basis in the future. I also fully intend to continue dropping regular free yoga content on my YouTube channel as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the feedback I’ve received on my classes, and have discovered having the channel has opened up doors for me that I never expected.

If you are not a member, online classes are still available for purchase on alicetrowyoga.com for £7 a class. If you purchase them they are yours forever!

Creating this offering has given me so much purpose over the past year. Its certainly pulled me out of my comfort zone and taught me some huge lessons. I’m happy to say I’m proud of my efforts, and it’s been so amazing having you come along with me on ths journey. Bring on 2022!

Perpignan, Southern France Yoga Retreat

We finally have finalised the amended dates for this wonderful retreat to go ahead in 2022. This will now be a 5 day retreat to embrace the gorgeous rural countryside, delicious healthy food and wholesome yoga.

29th May – 3rd June 2022

Myself and the wonderful Karen Lane will be leading this long awaited retreat in Mas de Castelnou. An amazing ‘baronial’ style property located in the heart of the Garrigue. Stunning expansive views, complete seclusion, being at one with nature, the perfect place for timeout.

Prices start at an amazing £550 (sharing room) which includes everything bar travel and transfers. Spaces are capped at 16 guests. Check out the room options and availability.

Latest Membership Classes

For me, and I think I speak for a lot of people too, Bird of Paradise pose is a challenge! It requires a lot from us, from deep externally rotated hips, internally rotated shoulders, and the ability to balance on one leg whilst doing all of that. So I unpack the pose in this flow so we have lots to work on and build up to in the intermediate and advance sessions. Walk before you can run. This pose needs a hefty warm up and there’s so much more to it than meets the eye. You never have to achieve the full bind to get the benefits of what this really is. So we’ll focus on standing tall on one leg with the shoulders above the hips. Everything else is optional but the foundations are crucial. Let start from there.

We’ll go for all the binds and arm balances in this session, so heads up! We need a lot of hip flexion for Bird Of Paradise and the arm balances in this session, so we’ll be going deep into our hip mobility. I still find the postures in this video a challenge even now after many years into my practice. It’s ok to modify and adapt them as you require. Every time we step on the yoga mat its a chance to learn a little more about ourselves, our limits, our habits, our resistance etc so let this be your 30 mins to tune in, listen to your body, and practice acceptance. Over time these postures may develop, become easier and more accessible. Coming to terms with that and moving on is one of the strongest outcomes of this practice. Non-attachments and non-judgement, can’t beat it.

Latest YouTube class

Here’s a sweet little flow to build awareness to our posture! A lot of the time its the awareness that’s the missing piece of the posture puzzle. We can train ourselves out of little habits we’ve picked up over the years and introduce small changes to our daily routine such as using standing desks to work at, changing our shoes and bags etc. This little flow will focus on opening up the chest/upper back region, Spine stability and mobility and includes some core strength exercises too. Better posture generally makes our moods better too, helps us breathe with more ease and as a result improves our quality of life so let’s invest in it.

If you haven’t done so already please Subscribe to my channel and help me grow her!

My festive yoga studio schedule

Monday 20/12

7.30-8.30am Yogahome (+livestream access) 
11-12.15pm Triyoga Camden (+livestream access)
5.30-6.30pm TripSpace (+livestream acess) 

Tuesday 21/12

1.20-2.20pm Vinyasa and meditation at Blok Clapton
5.40-6.40pm Vinyasa at Blok Clapton
6.50-7.50pm Yin at Blok Clapton 

Thursday 23/12

7-8am Yogahome (+livestream access) 
8.45-9.45am Vinyasa Blok Clapton
12.30-1.15pm Yogahome (+livestream access)

I’m so grateful I do still get to connect with you in the studios (those little smiles, small conversations and waves go a long way for me personally). But for those I don’t get to see or might not now until the new year, please know virtually all my doors are open.

Have a very Merry Christmas and/or other festivities and a Happy New Year. See you on the other side! 

Peace out,