Happy bank holiday Monday everyone!  Even if you are working today I hope you find some time-out just for you. 

So given the UK is coming out of its lockdown (a horrible experience I wish not to repeat) I’ve been giving some thought to how my memberships program should also change. With gyms and yoga studios opening back on the 17th of May I expect many of you will be returning to your old routines, and personally my schedule is going to light up like a Christmas tree. Things are going to get busy, so I’ll need to make some tweaks to the membership program to give myself adequate breathing space; space enough to produce creative, well thought out flows for you, whilst not burning myself out in the process.

So in 2 weeks time I’ll be making the following changes to memberships:

  • I’ll be consolidating the Livestream and On Demand membership tiers into a single membership tier that will go for £14.95 per month
  • All members currently on the Livestream membership tier will have their monthly payments reduced to £10.00 as a massive thankyou for supporting me through the past 12 months, and to adjust for the changes I’m making to the membership.
  • I’ll be increasing the number of recorded classes I’ll be publishing to my members library, including improving the variety of classes I add there (both in length, type, and intensity).
  • What the new membership tier will give you is access to my On Demand (recorded) classes, the backlog of all past recorded livestreams, and all of the usual perks like early access and discounts to retreats, etc.  The one big change here is that I will no longer be including future Livestreams for free in this membership. Read on to understand why I’ve made this change.
  • I will still continue to run Livestreams which you can purchase access to, however these will be run on a more ad-hoc basis.

So why the change to livestreams? Well…

So far I’ve promised my members that I would deliver 1 livestream per week, to help motivate us onto the mat week after week, through the hell which has been the past 6 months. This however means I’ve been unable to get any time off myself. So I’ve decided to change the way I run livestreams for the following reasons:

  • I’m about to renovate my flat, and so I’ll be needing some down time from livestreams whilst we literally rip this place apart.
  • I’d like to hold my livestreams at different times throughout the week based on demand, but also to bring my livestreams to the yogis that couldn’t attend them due to scheduling conflicts.
  • My calendar is changing with the yoga studios opening back up
  • I need a holiday 🌴🙏10%

Onwards and upwards

For the next 2 weeks I will be running my regular Tuesday evening Zoom Vinyasa Flow which is included for those on the Livestream Access membership, or for those who wish to purchase a session. Pop those dates in the calendar before I start renovating (destroying) my flat!

Whilst my flat looks like a bombsite I’ll be publishing recorded yoga videos to my members library, so be sure to check them out.

At the moment I have 22 full length Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes in my library, 15 livestream recordings and 54 additional Free classes on YouTube…

That’s the first time I’ve counted all my recordings and I’m honestly just taking a moment as I type this to breathe. I’m so grateful I committed to this so I have something positive to proudly look back on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the backbone of this project and the support that I needed at a time I felt incredibly lost and scared. I won’t stop now, this is just the beginningI’m open to requests for future classes and feedback on my current ones. You are who I am making them for, so please get in touch if there’s something you want to see that isn’t currently in the library. I do have a lot of classes banked up for you including a 30 min ‘beginners’ and ‘advanced’ versions of all of my sequences.

Much love. Peace x