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Terms of Service

Terms of Sale of Digital Content Comprising Yoga Instruction


  1. These Terms of Sale together with the attachment below and any and all other documents referred to in these Terms of Sale set out the terms and conditions on which Paid Content, accessed via Subscriptions, is sold by Us to Consumers through this website, (“Our Site”).
  2. Terms and information that are specific to accessing yoga instruction from or via Our Site using the Zoom cloud-based web conferencing and the YouTube platform are set out in the attachment below only for ease of reference but they will have the same effect as if set out in these Terms of Sale.
  3. Please read these Terms of Sale and the attachment below carefully and ensure that You understand them before purchasing a Subscription. If You have any query about anything in these Terms of Sale or the attachment, please contact Us to discuss. When setting up an Account before purchasing any Subscription, You will be required to read, accept, and agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Sale and the attachment. If You do not, You will not be able to purchase a Subscription and access Paid Content through Our Site. 
  4. All of the information that We give to You will be part of the terms of Our Contract with You as a Consumer whether it is information that We:
    1. are required by law to give to You before You order a Subscription; or
    2. voluntarily give to You and You rely on it either when deciding to order a Subscription or when, subsequently, You make any decision about the Subscription.

      We give You some of that information before You order a Subscription and some it is set out in these Terms of Sale and the attachment below.
  5. These Terms of Sale, as well as any and all Contracts, are in the English language only.
  6. These Terms of Sale apply only to the sale of Paid Content; the terms governing use of Our Site are separate and are set out on our Site under the heading “Website Terms of Use”.
“Account”means the account, referred to in Sub-Clause 7.1, that You must setup with Us in order to purchase any Subscription;
Background Itemsmeans background and other information about the history and practice of yoga, downloadable or viewable as text/graphics;
“Consumer”means an individual customer who is to receive or use Our services comprising Paid Content for their personal use and for purposes wholly or mainly outside the purposes of any business, trade, craft or profession;
“Contract”means a contract for the purchase of a Subscription to access any Paid Content, as explained in Clause 7;
“Paid Content” means any digital content (including text, graphics, images, audio, and video) comprising Yoga any training, teaching or instruction session or course, or materials or other information related thereto, sold by Us through Our Site and made available by Us via Our Site by means of either (a) two-way synchronous live stream audio and/or video technology, e.g. Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business (part of Teams), WebEx; and or (b) asynchronous live stream video and/or audio or recorded non downloadable video and/or audio of one or more items either provided on Our video/audio streaming platform accessed from on Our Site or hosted on another’s website, e.g. Youtube via a link that We provide to You; and/or (c) downloadable or other viewable text, graphics or other non-video, non-audio items or information, including Background Items. Paid Content will be more fully described in other information that We give or make available to You before You order a Subscription. That information may include the name of any teacher(s) or other individual(s) presenting any digital content on Our behalf but whether it does or does not do so, We may if so We decide in our discretion at any time and without notice substitute any other individual(s) who is suitably qualified and experienced;
“Subscription”means a subscription to Our Site purchased by You which provides You with access to Paid Content which comprises either: one or more specific single events or items; and/orone or more series or collections of two or more specific events or items; and/orone or more or all types of events or items available on or via Our Site; and the Background Items. We will give You information about the period of access to (a), (b) and (c) before You purchase the Subscription which will include the information described in Sub-Clause 7.4.6. Every Subscription will include access to the Background Items for the whole period of the Subscription, and they will all be accessible as soon as We have sent You a Subscription Confirmation;
“Subscription Confirmation”means Our acceptance and confirmation of Your purchase of a Subscription;
“Subscription ID”means the reference number for Your Subscription; and
“We/Us/Our”means Alice Trow Yoga of 19 Beresford Road, London, N5 2HS, United Kingdom.


  1. to access yoga online instruction
    We offer yoga instruction online (referred to below as “Instruction”).

    We use technology which allows Us to provide You with Instruction provided that You have the appropriate technology (see below) to receive that Instruction. For this purpose, We use the Zoom cloud-based web conferencing platform (“Zoom”) OR  YouTube.

    Where We are to make any of the Instruction available by means of Zoom OR YouTube rather than any other platform, it will be on the following basis.
  2. The technology that We will be responsible for providing
    We will subscribe to Zoom and will pay any necessary fees to Zoom to maintain that subscription. It will enable Us to act as “host” and to provide the Instruction to You over the internet via the Zoom facility.

    To receive or participate in any yoga instruction via Zoom, You will need to join a session which is within the scope of Your Subscription. You will not need to pay any fee or charge for use of the Zoom facility or to join that session: You will only need to pay for the Instruction made available by Your Subscription.  

    We do not provide any PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or other hardware (“Device”) or any Zoom App or other software for use on or with any Devices, nor any internet connection or service or other equipment or facilities necessary to enable You to use Zoom.
  3. The technology and other items that You will be responsible for providing
    It will be Your sole responsibility to ensure that You have access to, and familiarity with all necessary technology so that You can receive and participate in Instruction via Zoom.

    You will need have access to and use the following non-exhaustive list of facilities for this purpose:
    (a)       An appropriate functioning Device which is adequately charged;
    (b)       An up to date Zoom App where applicable. It will need to be downloaded to Your Device, and installed and working fully and correctly on Your Device, so that You can receive Instruction;
    (c)       Stable, reliable, internet access with adequate speed;
    (d)       A safe and suitable environment in which to watch, listen, speak where appropriate, and to carry out exercise;
    (e)       Suitable exercise clothing; and
    (f)       A yoga mat and, as advised by Us before You place Your order for a Subscription, any other exercise equipment that You will need.

    We do not make supply or make available the Zoom platform that You use to access any Paid Content. We are not a party to Your download and use of that platform, and We will have no responsibility or liability to you in relation to it in any respect. It will be subject to and governed by such terms and conditions and privacy policy of Zoom as the third party provider of the platform to You imposes on such download and use.

    Paid Content consisting of Background Items is not provided via the Zoom platform but is instead downloadable directly from Our Site.
  4. Scope of what We provide
    We do not, and cannot, assist You to obtain, set up, maintain, or operate any technology. If You need any assistance or advice about technology, You should seek it from an appropriate third party. We do not, and cannot, give You any advice about what technology is needed or how to use it.

    We do not claim to have any expertise or skill in relation to any technology that You need or use for the purpose of receiving Instruction. However, We may, if You request it, either before or during any session of Instruction, and without charge, offer suggestions in good faith to resolve any problem with that technology that You report, but it will not be in the nature of advice. We do not therefore take on any responsibility or accept any liability if any such suggestion does not help You to resolve any problem or if by following any such suggestion You experience any other problem, loss or damage to any technology or other thing except if Your Device or Your digital content is damaged in circumstances where We are liable to You under Sub-Clause 14.3

    We will not be responsible or liable if You are unable to access any Instruction due to any failure or delay in performing Our obligations under the Contract resulting from any cause beyond Our reasonable control. In any such case, You will remain liable to pay for Instruction that We have made available to You. Such causes beyond Our reasonable control may include (but are not limited to):
    (a) Where You are unable to resolve any technology problem (whether or not You have asked Us for or We have offered any suggestions as to how to resolve the problem); or
    (b) Any slow speed, instability, temporary or other breakdown, unavailability or inadequacy of, or defect in, Your internet service or any other equipment or service (e.g. telecommunications, computing, audio or visual) that You use or rely on; or
    (c) Failure of or defect in the Zoom platform used by Us or You to make Instruction available to You; or
    (d) Your inability to access Instruction due to failure of or defects in Our Site etc.
  5. Account setup needed
    In order to purchase any Subscription and receive any Instruction, You will first need to setup and then maintain an Account with Us. Our Site will guide You through the process of setting up an Account. Please also note the following in regard to Account setup.

    During the process of setting up an Account, You will be required to choose a password and user name. We recommend that You choose a strong password for Your Account.

    You will be asked for additional information regarding Your Account, such as Your e-mail address.
  6. Your responsibility for Your Account and its security
    You must not share Your Account or Your Account details with anyone. If You believe that Your Account is being used without Your permission, please contact Us immediately. We will not be liable for any unauthorised use of Your Account.

    You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your password and account information and for all activities that occur under Your password or Account. You must ensure that You log out from Your Account at the end of each session of Your access of Instruction. You must immediately notify Us of any unauthorised use of Your password or Account or any other breach of security relating to Your Account.

    You must never use anyone else’s Account without prior authorization from Us for the specific occasion in question.

    When creating an Account, the information You provide must be accurate and complete. If any of Your information changes at a later date, it is Your responsibility to ensure that Your Account is kept up-to-date.

    If You have an active Subscription, Your Account will remain active for the duration of the period of that Subscription or, if later, until the end of the latest access period granted to any Instruction by the Subscription.

    If You wish to close and delete Your Account, You may do so via the the account page.
  7. Your privacy and security on each occasion when You access Instruction


    Note that all Instruction that You purchase will be accessible only to You as an individual private lesson.


    Where any Instruction that You access is two-way synchronous live stream audio and/or video technology (not a pre-recorded one way transmission), on the occasion You access it, it will also be made accessible to all others who have purchased it and choose to access it unless We have specified that it is to be made available on that occasion only to You as an individual private session.

    Therefore, unless We specify that a particular two way session is only accessible to You, the following will apply to such a session:
    (a)       When You sign in to Zoom, You should indicate Your first name only since Your name will be visible to Our other customers taking part;
    (b)       You understand and are aware that there is a risk that other customers and other people may see and hear (via the video and/or audio facilities of the Zoom App and Your Device) not only You but also Your space and its surroundings and other people in or near that space and its surroundings when You are participating in the session;
    (c)       The space You use should be free of others and it should be difficult to see or hear via the Zoom App and Your Device any interactions between people who are in or near that space and its surroundings. For example, You might decide to use a private room and/or wear headphones;
    (d)       There are potential risks in transmitting information over technology that include, but are not limited to, breaches of confidentiality and the theft of personal information;
    (e)       We cannot ensure privacy or confidentiality due to the nature of two way sessions involving customers in addition to You; and
    (f)       In any event, it will be Your responsibility to ensure that You have a suitable space to use when You participate in any two way session in order to protect Your privacy and that of others in or near that space.

    We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from Your failure to comply with the above requirements.
  8. Fitness, Health and Safety
    You acknowledge and agree that:
    (a)       An exercise session (“event”) may be physically strenuous
    (b)       Certain particular or series of exercises may be unsuitable for You if You have special needs, or any medical, health or fitness problem or condition.
    (c)       Due to the remote nature of online events, We do not undertake to and cannot attend, assist or advise or arrange for or alert any third party to do so, if during an event You fall ill or have an accident
    (d)       The teacher at each event will be appropriately qualified as a yoga teacher and will be competent to conduct the event
    (e)       Any advice provided by a teacher involved in an event does not constitute medical advice and is not a substitute for advice provided by a medical professional;
    (f)       You voluntarily participate in an event with full knowledge that even if a teacher involved in the event is not negligent there is an inherent risk of personal injury or illness arising from Your participation in any exercise and use of any equipment used by You;
    (g)       When You setup an Account, and also when You purchase any Subscription, book and participate in any event, that will be Your confirmation that You have no health or fitness problems (including, but not limited to cardiac irregularities; spinal, bone, joint, tendon or ligament injuries; spells of dizziness; asthma or other breathing difficulty; diabetes; epilepsy or other allergy) which may affect Your participation in that or any other event comprised in any Subscription that You have purchased or subsequently purchase.

    You must therefore ensure that You are fit and well enough to participate in any event that You purchase, and You will at all times be responsible for Your own state of health, physical condition and wellbeing.

    If You have any concerns about Your fitness or health, You should seek appropriate medical advice from Your GP, Physiotherapist or other relevant professional medical or other adviser  before purchasing or participating in any event.

    When You purchase a Subscription and at least 48 hours before You participate in any event, We advise You to tell Us:
    (a)        Of any special physical needs, any issue relating to Your health, fitness or physical limitations of which You are aware, and any medical condition or on-going medical treatment, which might be relevant to any activity to be undertaken at an event;
    (b)        Of any medical condition or if You are taking any medication which may affect Your ability to undertake any activities at an event or to use any equipment or facilities that You will or might use;
    (c)        Of any circumstances affecting Your health which may be worsened by any activities at an event; and
    (d)        If You are pregnant, and if so whether You are in the first 3 months of Your pregnancy.

    We will discuss with You any such matter that You tell Us, and We will inform You if We decide not to accept Your order for a Subscription because of that medical, health or fitness issue or special need. If We do accept Your order, You must act in accordance with any instructions provided by Us relating to the issue.
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