About Me

So where do I begin...

Where does one really begin? I feel like I’ve started over again and again in my life but really I’ve just added on. Expanded. Evolved. Transformed into more of what always was and will continue to become. Developing into the yoga teacher I am today has been a feat of strenuous uphill battles and elated (post yoga) highs. However; what I must state is I love the person and teacher I have become. Like absolutely adore her. The road to get here was long and like any self deprecating person, I took many trips down the rabbit hole of doom but managed to climb back up and back to myself. As cliche as it sounds, the Bhagavad Gita got it 100% right with ‘Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.’ Bang on the money.

My teaching style is expressive and creative. I get my kicks by crafting explorative flows which build strength and awareness to the body. I don’t want you looking for the clock in my class so be prepared to lose yourself in the feeling of the postures and most importantly the transitions between them. It’s within the transitions (the space between the places) where I truly believe we flourish. How do you manoeuvre around the yoga mat? It’s a mirror to your life. Embrace your body’s intuitiveness and natural wisdom because everything you will become is already within you. It’s with this mantra that I flow from one day to the next with acceptance and patience. Two things I spent my lifetime to learn and still learning. Life is a process. Yoga is a process and a process takes time. Take your time, it’s the only thing we ever really have. 

If you join my class you’ll have me and my messy little bun wiggling on the mat dishing out some proper crisp instructions. You’ll have fun, breathe and laugh at yourself if you fall. Drop the judgement, drop the expectation and the pressure, it has no place in my classroom. FYI, I can’t handstand and I’ll never ever care if you can, so join the club. Come as you are. 

The 'official' stuff...

200 Hour RYS Yoga Teacher Certification from YOGA LONDON, 2014. 

100 Hour Body Module from YOGA LONDON, 2015

300 Hour RYS (yoga alliance) RASA Yoga Teacher Training with SIANNA SHERMAN, 2017

Anatomy mentorship with Dr Mike Lane 2018-2020

50 hours Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark 2021

Undergoing Pre/post natal training with Apple yoga 2021

A time before yoga I trained as a professional actress at LAMDA and Fourth Monkey. 

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